I miss the Internet

I miss the Internet

I had never imagined I would utter those words but I have said them frequently in recent weeks whilst I have been without internet at work and home. I truly miss the Internet, or more precisely, I miss what it brings to my life and how it allows me to express myself. I wonder how long it will be before it returns and I can post these word.

I moved to Cape Town, South Africa in February and it has held me in its magnificent grasp as per always. I adore the gigantic scenery here; the striking green hills with huge broccoli shaped trees that offer shade below Table Mountain. I laugh because I cannot get enough of the protea flowers that burst forth in oversized, over-coloured, ridiculous beauty at Kirstenbosch botanical gardens and laugh at how even the sun birds that flit across branches and boughs in my garden are azure and bright crimson red (even on cloudy days). Africa just has so much colour and it is everywhere I look. I spend days off driving the sandy miles of wind swept coastline past Muizenberg beach to Somerset West. Oh how I treasure the hummocks and valleys of the wine estates at Stellenbosch with vintages for every possible mood, taste and occasion. With fifty vintages tasted I have barely scratched the surface but know a little more than when I arrived – all that really matters is what tastes nice to me. It isn’t about noses and taste buds, it is about mmmm and ooooh and wow for the occasional bottle of bubbles.

And that is merely a small collection of words describing my time here so far. I have not so much as touched on the day job….that I am lucky enough to spend each day atop the choppy, sometimes hellishly rough, yet incredibly rich and bewitching waters of False Bay. This bay, she is full of wildlife of enormous proportions. The dolphins leap at sunrise, noon and sunset on the days they pass us by. Their sand coloured markings always remind me of the beaches of home in Cornwall and I have seen guests in tears and speechless as they watch 3000 dolphins leap and twist on their way across the bay. Bryde’s whales remain shy and distant from us yet occasionally present us with a blow and a dorsal fin in the distance, reminding us of their presence below. I long for the winter season and the dances of humpback whales. I know it is just a few months away. I would cross the days off with thick red ink on a calendar if I had one. Seal Island shouts at us with 64,000 Cape Fur seals, even more cormorants and an aroma that makes my eyes water and my nostrils flare in revolt on windless days. Yet I love it. I love dropping the anchor, hearing the chain clatter down, and sharing the day with guests, seals, birdlife and great white sharks. And I love that my boyfriend is right by my side at work each day. Oh and the sharks; how I adore them and never tire of their presence. Those misunderstood fish of the deep. Water based angels with their white bellies and grace. Day upon day they visit us and I gain an understanding of their different personalities, their preferences and behaviours. They pass quietly, almost lazily, they play with the bait, they sneak up in the shade of the hull and seem to cock their heads at us; perhaps wondering what on earth we are and why on earth we are in their ocean. They make me laugh so much my sides hurt. They are truly incredible, intelligence shines from their blue eyes, they are mischievous and yet we love to hate them. We slaughter them with negative media portrayal and we kill them in their millions each year for nothing other than tasteless, cruel, shark fin soup. Well done humans for such stupidity and ignorance.

So many words, so much to describe and share. I don’t know if anybody will take the time to listen but I miss the Internet. For without it there is no global community for me to join. I long for a day to enjoy other peoples’ writing and to link hands with my family and friends. I didn’t realise just how much Facebook, WhatsApp and Gmail allow me to feel a part of something and to feel connected in this life. I live so far south, the next stop is Antarctica. When the south east wind blows and Albatross arrive in the bay I feel so cold at sea that I may as well be in Antarctica. As much as I enjoy chatting to the seals each day here I really would like a conversation with people. I would like to be able to offer words of encouragement, support and even offer a chance of laughter. On the up side I have written more words for my book, I have read new books and I am slowly weaning myself off the need to check Facebook hourly. I have also realised that in the weeks I have not had Internet, absolutely nothing has occurred. Everything is much the same and reassuringly so. Facebook definitely does not need checking hourly in the future.

I could go on but I have no idea when I will be able to post this and what will have occurred in the meantime. Right now I am just grateful for the two hands that allow me to type and imagine a future where somebody might listen and take a moment with a cup of tea or glass of wine to imagine their world without the Internet. What would they do with their day?