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Seashell Tagliatelle


It is such a beautiful day here today after a typically cold African night. The temperature plummets at night when there is no cloud cover and today the sun is more than making up for that. Being Sunday and Mother’s Day, the beach was busy and I drifted by with my IPod in my ears watching the sun sparkling on the ocean. The seaweed tossed upon the shore reminded me of tagliatelle; it lay glistening as if dressed in oil.

I wandered over lazily and found four beautiful black shells. They were nothing extraordinary at first glance but the colours on their underside and inside were beautiful; swirls of pale pink into raspberry and pearlescent depths. Two had lost their black colouring and instead were topped with sunshine yellow. Their hidden beauty and variation reminded me of how unique each of us is and how we all have our hidden depths and talents just waiting to be explored.

Do you even know what your talents are?

Do you recognise the beauty in your uniqueness?

I hadn’t really spent time pondering the answer to these until last year when I started my journey of finding out who I am and what my talents are. Doing this and acting upon what I think are the right choices for my life has brought me much peace and contentment. And in turn I believe this is making me a better person for our world, with more to offer and share. If you haven’t already done so, maybe it is time you thought about the answers to these questions for you. Give yourself a little love, time and attention to grow.

As I continued on my way along the beach my Battle Cry song came onto my Ipod and I wanted to share this with you. I have days when life is hard, don’t we all, and I feel like giving up. This song gets me through every time and is my inspiration to keep chasing my dreams and keep being me. Perhaps you could spare a moment and listen to it today. Be inspired by the drums in the rhythm that bring me strength and this one simple line:

It’s always darkest before the dawn

It is an effective reminder that no matter how dark life can be, there will come a dawn. Out of every painful moment comes a lesson and reason to keep living every moment of your precious life. May that tune remind you of that.

And if you don’t believe me and wonder what on earth I would know about darkness and dawn at least hear this. I was going to be getting married on this day last year at precisely this hour. The dawn that followed that broken dream has been brighter than anything before. I never imagined a year to the day I would be here living my life for me. I have found greater love since then than I could possibly have imagined. I hope someone brings  sunshine into your life today and if they don’t, then make your own sunshine and remember how unique and precious you are.