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SuperHero Pants


It would appear that I have nothing to say right now, try as I might to find some words of use to this world. Words that will make someone laugh, make someone smile, feel loved and inspired. My inspiration and motivation have apparently packed their bags, taken hold of each others’ hands and left me alone with my cup of steaming tea. They have decided it is vacation time and have sauntered off to the nearest cafe before they catch the train called Holiday.

For the past few days my head has been scanning wildly for these much loved friends of mine as I have fought feeling restless, ill at ease and unmotivated. My shoulders have tightened in their absence. I have leg ache from trying to find them as I ran daily along the beach, shouting their names to the wind. I tried dancing on the disused railway track with my Ipod in order to bring them back but it didn’t help. I have mourned their loss and hoped they will come back to me soon with tales of their adventures. We had such a beautiful week together prior to the last few days. Every day was full of passion, new experiences, possibilities, love and laughter. Now I am left with an overcast sky framing the mountains around me and an inability to write.

As I searched on WordPress this morning for some inspiration to bring me back to my senses I came upon this post ‘Not a Lot to Say’ by Forest Four The Trees. It had been reblogged on one of my favourites blogs The Live Simply Community. It was just meant to be read by me today. It made me laugh out loud at myself as I choked on my cup of tea. It made me step back and drop my shoulders as I reminded myself to stop putting so much pressure on me. It is okay not to feel inspirational, motivated and full of fire this week.


It is perfectly acceptable if I just take off my SuperHero Pants, toss them aside and forget about being that part of me. In fact I may even put my pants on my head for a moment


It is okay to sit on my bottom, eat cake and do sweet nothing until I feel ready to move forwards. I am not achieving much and I am probably inspiring no-one but let it be. Time will bring back my friends Inspiration and Motivation when they have enjoyed their holiday and decided to come home to the aftersun lotion.

In the meantime, I will spend my lull giving thanks for ten wonderful moments that have happened this week. Moments that simply made me smile and breathe out contentedly.


They have more than made up for the lack of SuperHero pants


  1. The storms in Cape Town washed up a Portugese Man O War jellyfish onto the beach. I didn’t know they were such a bright azure blue. Stunning
  2. I have run 25Km this week so far and loved every step across the golden sands
  3. I am blessed with new friendships this year that bring me peace, happiness and creativity
  4. I saw two humpback whales breach simultaneously as I worked on the ocean waves. I never knew whales could sigh until I listened closely
  5. I sat on my patio and listened to the trees rustling in the breeze. I fell asleep to their music
  6. I shared good food and wine with dear friends and we created new possibilities for future work
  7. I got stuck inside my duvet cover as I tried to make my bed late one night. I laughed a lot at my duvet jellyfish creation
  8. I realised just how much someone cares about me and felt humbled by their unconditional love
  9. I experienced the magic that is chocolate and marshmallow cake at my favourite cafe
  10. I spoke to every member of my immediate family. I am so lucky we are all well, safe and happy