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Putting on my Happy Shoes

This week I am mostly learning the art of awareness and stepping back from overworking myself.

It has a busy time for me as we are launching our charitable cause and super exciting venture Friends for Sharks. We had an absolute hoot filming our promo video for this. I couldn’t stop laughing every time I forgot what to say, the sun shone down on us and we got to spend time at the beach talking about oceans, inspiration and following your dreams. What more could I ask for?!

It feels incredible to be following this journey after some difficult times recently. Yes I am a little apprehensive at times, having given up our paid work to do this (eek) but I’m also feeling pretty perky and bold as I put on my happy shoes and have a metaphorical dance around the room each morning. I love my life!

Please take a peek at our promo video.

Enjoy the scenery, the oceans and us having a little chat about our plans.

It is awesome for me to think we are committed full time to raising money for charity for an entire year. Life is too short to focus solely on personal financial gain and already we are enjoying devoting ourselves and our voices to a good cause. I am determined we will raise enough sponsorship and donations to make Friends for Sharks a success and, best of all, we will inspire people around the world to be the change they wish to see. What is not to love about a plan like that?! I am over the moon excited that we already have our first talk booked; at Melbourne aquarium next year.

Do you know anyone that would like to host us as guest speakers?

Please point them in the direction of our tour itinerary.

If you feel inspired to support us with a donation, please check out our happy little GoFundMe campaign and share it with your friends and family. Every penny counts to us and it is all for a fantastic cause.

One of the challenges for me throughout this venture is finding my balance, my happy, and not overworking myself. I am often like an overeager puppy, with bucket loads of enthusiasm and no ability to stop myself until I become exhausted. The challenge for me right now is to rein myself in and make sure I give my body and mind time to rest. I am slowly starting to recognise that actually it is inefficient working all day long anyway. Our minds are capable of being more productive and efficient if we give them a chance to rest, to daydream and be creative.

The biggest thing I can do to help improve my work output is actually to work fewer hours and spend some time watching the world go by in my daydreams. One of my favourite ways to do this is my Daily Walk and I am trying hard to make sure I take time off every day in addition to that. Admittedly it is not always happening but it is a journey that I am committed to.

My other learning curve this week is about being fearless. I am practising pulling on my superhero pants, reminding myself I can do this and being fearless about the future. I waste far too much time on pointless worries and ‘what ifs’ and I don’t want to be that way. I have no idea how the next year will pan out (will I end up homeless with fleas? Possibly, maybe not, I don’t know) but I can choose not to be fearful and to embrace whatever lies ahead with absolute acceptance and a pretty welcome mat.

On this beautiful afternoon I am practising creating that welcome mat in my mind and it looks a little like this.

Be fearless, enjoy today and accept whatever comes your way with a welcome mat

and your favourite pair of happy shoes.

Onwards we go!

Inspire Me

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Just keep walking

Throughout daily life there is one simple habit that has kept me on an even keel; walking.

I have always referred to my daily walk as my Sanity Walk and refuse to miss a single dose of it. It doesn’t matter where I am walking, what has happened in the day and whether it is pouring with rain or bright sunshine. It can be morning, noon or night, I don’t care. It is my moment to stomp, march, skip, meander and wander along paths of every kind and in every country I visit. No matter how grumpy or miserable I may feel beforehand, my Sanity Walk uplifts and inspires me. Some of the greatest decisions I have made in my life have occurred during my walks. Stepping one foot in front of the other has  seen me through devastating times and serious injury when it was all I could do to keep walking whilst tears filled my eyes and threatened to trip me up.
In honour of my humble, yet irresistible, potters I am sharing some of my favourite walking moments from the years gone by, just as I step out of the door to go on my next adventure.
Keep treading those paths and life will continue to unfold.

I love the sunrise, she makes me smile

This month I am developing a fascination with the sunrise. This beautiful melting pot of colour happens every single day and most of us rarely bother to get out of bed to see it. My work upon the ocean means I am required to be up at 5.15am every single day (no that doesn’t get any easier over time) and one of the upsides of this is that I see the sunrise almost every day of the week.


I can’t help but notice how the sunrise is entirely different each day; sometimes she is merely a gentle wash of pale gold across a cloudless sky and turns the surrounding land where I live a beautiful warm orange. I love to watch the windows of houses reflecting the golden hues of the morning as we head out to sea and leave the sleeping people of the coastal town behind. I doubt they realise what they are missing as they run carefree in their dreams.




On other days the sunrise is pretty in pink and dusts the low mountain clouds with a hint of colour to remind us that the day is just beginning. She silhouettes the boats in the harbour perfectly for photographs and on occasion turns the lighthouse into a perfect work of art.




But it is the days that the sunrise is a riot of colour that I adore most of all. On those overcast days with puffy grey clouds she is like a child on too many E numbers – wildly creative and running amok. It is on those days that she leaves me speechless with a fire of reds, pinks and oranges that spreads across the sky. An ever changing picture that in the blink of an eye is slightly different.




I am incredibly lucky that I get to see these sights each day and to think that with a little effort, most of us could see the sunrise more often than we do. The sunrise is free, it happens every single day. Get out there and see it happen, feel the magic of it. I cannot help but feel warmed in body and soul when I see this beauty around me. I love the sunrise, she makes me smile and reminds me just how precious this life is.


“The morning always has a way of creeping up on me and peeking in my bedroom windows. The sunrise is such a pervert.”
Jarod Kintz



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I Am Going Slightly Mad


This has been a weird week, more ups and downs than your average rollercoaster and I seem to have experienced every emotion under the sun. Every female emotion under the sun. That’s not to say men don’t experience these things but I’m going with ‘female’ in that my moods have resulted in the following reactions to said low mood that I associate with being a woman. Namely:

a)      I feel low, I will eat every item in the house that contains sugar and, yes, now I feel sick and have a deep sense of loathing for my lack of control. Oh my god I have instantly put on weight

b)      I feel low, I will cry at anything and everything and very loudly

c)       I feel low, I have no-one to hold me. See, this is proof that I will die alone surrounded by dogs and with a big beard because I am destined to be furry when I am old. It’s a family trait, chicks with beards.

d)      I feel low, therefore the world has actually ended. Nothing matters other than how sad I am and obviously I will never feel any better, ever, because nobody cares

e)      I feel low and now I weigh 2lbs more from biscuit consumption. I swear I can no longer see my feet due to the excess fat

Yep, I think that is a fair evaluation of how it has been in my world this week. Bizarre to say the least and quite funny in retrospect from my point of view. I have spent a large proportion of the week at war with my scales. They are lying to me. I am convinced I have put on weight, absolutely convinced but the scales keep saying I’m losing weight. Normally I would trust them but I think they must be lying as I have eaten a LOT of biscuits and there is a definite hint of a gut going on there. In a bid to discover if the scales are lying I have taken to weighing myself in various positions on the scales….on one foot, leaning as far forward as possible, leaning as far backward as possible, breathing in, breathing out and weighing myself at different times of the day. It has kind of become a mini project and I still can’t figure out what is going on with them. How can I be losing weight when I just ate an entire packet of chocolate digestives (oh I am so proud of that achievement). I also tried measuring my waist with a tape measure but that told me I had put on weight, which I didn’t like to hear, so the tape measure must be wrong too. I do believe there will be no winner in this debate, neither the tape measure nor scales are making me happy this week. I think they have both ganged up on me and I am quite confused, irrational and tired as a result.

I stepped back to think about the crazy going on in my mind this week and realised it’s all because of these big life changes I am going through at the moment. All of my choosing and all very exciting but I think the Fear has unhinged me slightly in the last seven days. Even more so than usual. I am prone to being a bit dramatic at times ahem but this week has been something else. I tried to keep it to myself and avoided all forms of social contact but that didn’t really work. I have to go to work and speak. I ended up crying at a colleague in the office, poor love she is so good to me, hiding in the bathroom at least three times and talking to myself a great deal. I eventually talked to my dear friend that bears the brunt of this crap. Oh poor chap, he doesn’t half put up with me. In fact I honestly don’t know what he sees in me when I am like this, he must think I am batty. In fact he’d probably say he KNOWS I am batty.  But still he listens to me on the other end of the computer and actually understands and empathises with me. In his eyes it is okay.

My point today is the up side to all of this emotion. You can probably tell it has been a bit strained for me and I’m feeling like an extra from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest right now. Pass me the sedative please. The up side has been peoples responses. I quite evidently dislike myself when I am weepy, needy, pathetic, in need of support, weepy, needy, clingy. I mean really, who likes those kind of traits? I would run a mile from me if only I could and leave me to sort myself out in a cave somewhere. Oh that would be nice, please can I have the option to do that and leave my barking mad brain in a box? BUT other people don’t treat me that way, they don’t seem to want to leave me alone and dribbling in a cave. They are quite happy to help me when I turn to them with big teary eyes asking for a hug. The biggest lesson I have learnt this week is it is okay to be me. All of me. I repeat for my own benefit


You think I’d know this by 34 but past knocks have convinced me there is no space in this world for me to be anything other than perfect in front of others. I am generally an upbeat person with a smiley face and I love life. But I still have my moments of being a loon, a teary pickle and in need of being held up by the love of others. I just don’t generally let other people see that side of me if I can avoid it – this week I don’t seem to have a choice. I still can’t get my head around the concept that the less desirable sides of me are okay too but I am so humbled and grateful of peoples’ acceptance. I love the humanness in others and I like peoples’ inner crazy and inner vulnerability. It is what makes us human and it makes us all laugh when we see ourselves being daft. And surely unconditional love is about adoring someone not because of their perfection. That will always be there. It is more about loving someone in spite of themselves, in spite of the parts that are less ‘perfect’ to our society. But clearly I exempt myself from this rule. I know I am a basically decent human with a good heart but I think I need to love my inner child a bit more. You know, the fat teen with the perm that no-one else really liked at school. Can’t see why, I looked amazing with my perm and chins. The computer geek that liked to eat and get Grade A in as many subjects as possible. It seems other people love that part of me or at least work with it and see the good in who I am. The only person lagging behind and missing the big unconditional love train is me.

So, I decided to cheer myself up today and find a way to remind myself of the good in me, the good in chasing my dreams. In who I am and in how I will succeed in creating the life I want. What did I do? I joined LinkedIn. Yep, you heard me right. My antidote to sadness was to upload my CV onto a website. Does anyone else do this to get their kicks? No, thought not. But it worked, it really did work! I spent a couple of hours uploading my career history, my skills – does it count I listed enthusiasm as a skill? I went to town with my career ambitions. I re-read my profile and wondered who on earth this person is. I sound half decent on there. I think we should all do this, it is brilliant and definitely made me feel like I am awesome with a big A. Do it, do it now! And if you can’t think of anything decent to write just make it up. No-one said it had to be true. Just do it for the fun of reading it back and recognising how amazing you are.

Okay maybe you won’t want to go on LinkedIn but the method in the madness makes sense. If you’re feeling low like I have been, take a moment to write down something positive. It doesn’t matter how trivial it may seem, write it down. Write about who you are, what you dream of and why it is good to be you. And fight for those dreams, don’t give up on yourself or what matters to you.

Oh and the other thing I did, I booked an appointment to have a tattoo. I am rebelling against society by having a tattoo. But I’m not going to suggest you all do that. I don’t want to be responsible for anything permanent that you had done on the back of a bad mood. So stick with the list of happy and forgive me if I sound a touch jaded tonight. It’s because I am. But that’s okay, apparently jaded is allowed too.