What difference do you want to make?

Day Six of the LYL blog challenge and I am asked what difference I want to make. This one is definitely an easier question to answer for me than Day Five but it is the how that remains the tricky part and having the self belief that I can make a difference that sometimes evades me.

I know I want to inspire people to follow their dreams and live a life that is true to them. I want to use my life as an example of what you can do if you refuse to quit, keep pushing on inspite of your fears and setbacks. I want to reach and encourage people with my words and to be a part of the process that helps them grow through life. I want to be a person that others feel supported by and encouraged when they are on the brink of making life changes that are outside of the norm of what we are told to do with our lives. I want to help people blossom.

I want to spread happiness, encouragement, self belief and support. I want to educate and inspire others to love the world around them and to coexist in a more peaceful, free-minded way.

I want to speak up for those that can’t!

When I am gone I want to be remembered for being a gentle soul that had the courage to try and made a difference in some way to others’ lives. I want to be remembered for stepping outside of the realms of what is considered a normal career and for experimenting with doing great things, following my dreams and helping others.

What makes me angry is when others try and tell people, and when we tell ourselves, we shouldn’t and couldn’t and ought not to do things that are creative and fun. When we do not follow our real passions and talents and hide them away with shame and embarrassment – we hide our light. I get angry at people who mistreat other living beings, who bully and oppress those that are a little different and who have dreams of their own that are perhaps not as mainstream as many. I want to encourage those people, reach their fears and help them achieve their own potential in life. I hate how people tell us to live our lives and keep people in small boxes. I want people to be free.

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