Never (Ever) Give Up


Today has been awesome, so full of bright sunshine – and that is just from the people out there that have connected with me! What a perfect day to smile! You have all inspired me so much with your views and comments on here.

This post goes out to all the Free Rangers that read my story on the Friday Love Letter, the Free Rangers that I know are busy flapping their wings towards their dreams of freedom. Each and every one of you is incredible and I am so excited for you…who knows where today’s dream will take you tomorrow.

All I have ever wanted to do is inspire people to achieve their dreams and help them along the way with words of encouragement and a supportive arm around the shoulders that says ‘you can do this’. To know that I have inspired one or two of you to just go for it in life is simply wonderful. Thank you for making my day so special and for inspiring me to never (ever) give up.

And for those of you that don’t know about Free Range Humans, you really need to check this tribe out. They are incredible people. Go find them, join us and be inspired…

Free Range Humans

I think today is also the perfect day to share with you that, you know what, I know how it feels to be on the journey of going free range and I know how utterly terrifying it can be to make the decision to stand up and say

 ‘Hey, this isn’t working for me. I want to change my life and I’m going to do this’

 It is terrifying reaching that moment and I remember so many sleepless nights as I wondered if I could actually admit that let alone do something about it. The pressure and expectation placed upon all of us by society is huge and I couldn’t begin to imagine standing up to that and saying

‘Actually, I believe in another way. I’m sorry but I don’t buy into this for me’

That moment for me came this time last year at a family reunion – which was also going to be my wedding day as it happened. As you know from my previous posts and the Friday Love Letter, the groom had departed prior to then and rather than be sad we turned it into a family reunion day. My brother and family flew over from Australia especially to be there as a surprise. I remember standing in the kitchen thanking everyone for their support after my groom had left me and toasting to a brighter future. I then broke down in tears and confessed all…that I couldn’t go on like this, all I wanted to do was follow my dreams of working with sharks and being creative. I felt ashamed that I had such a dream, ashamed that I was admitting it and terrified that my family would reject me. This feeling had been within me for years and I embarrassed yet felt free to be admitting it – even if it did mean I had tears in my pink champagne damn it.

I couldn’t believe it when my family turned to me one by one and, with a smile in their eyes, said ‘We always knew you were a free spirit and wondered why you hadn’t done that many years ago’.

And so my journey began

With my sisters by my side the following day, I wrote down exactly what it was I wanted to do. They did the same and it was a powerful moment as we committed to realising our dreams. I signed and dated it and promised myself that a year later I would be making it happen. Don’t for a minute think I actually believed I could make it happen though. I was convinced it was impossible but by writing it down I had at least made my dream real on paper. Not once did I think a year later that dream would have come true.

You see I am not naturally confident in my abilities; I have to work on my confidence and anxieties daily as look in the mirror and dislike the reflection I see. I know how it feels to sit down in tears on the edge of my bed (many many times) and feel my heart break into pieces as I realise I am just not good enough to achieve my dreams. That there is no value in who I am, no value in what I want to do and I will never make a change and fly free. But the thing I have learnt lately is this…Those feelings, those fears are NOT real. They are tricks of the mind, tricks of our primitive emotional brain yet they consume and break all of us at some point. They are the moments that have made me give up in the past and convince myself that I should just do what everyone else does and throw my dreams away. I am sure you have had those moments too, we all do. So if you take one thing from me, please take this.

 Your fears are NOT real. They are NOT real. They make no sense, serve no purpose and will NEVER help you. Do not listen to them and NEVER GIVE UP

If you are reading this as someone about to make the decision to fly or your confidence and courage are wavering, remember we all have days like that. It is okay to feel that way, just don’t listen too closely to the fears and don’t believe the voice that tells you to give up.


Instead, go find someone inspiring to lift your spirits or maybe even remember my little story. I am not superhuman, I don’t have a long list of talents and skills. I am just ME but finally I am realising that every ME and, of course, every YOU has gifts and heart to share with this world. If you just keep on dreaming big, keep on believing in yourself you CAN do it.

I know you can do it because I am doing it right now and if I can make it happen then you definitely can too.

May you all keep chasing your dreams, keep flapping those wings and fly free. And make sure you tell me how you get on as you leap to your freedom xx

13 thoughts on “Never (Ever) Give Up”

  1. Very cool. I’ve taken Marianne’s classes and am a believer, though not yet a “real” Free Ranger. I loved your story and I loved this post.

    All the best to you–you’ve earned it. If you ever come to Portland Oregon (have you ever heard of the World Domination Summit?), let me know and I will delightedly be your guide!


    1. Hi Marcus! Thank you so much for your words and kind offer. I have just checked out the World Domination Summit…it looks awesome! Maybe one year I could be there, that would be incredible 🙂 Enjoy, take care and peace to you x

  2. Looks like the world is moving to meet your long held dreams, amazing what happens when you just be you, the real you, not the conditioned one that covered up this to deal with the hard parts of life.

    You have so many talents and isn’t it great that you can be this person for the rest of your life and sure life might throw some more curve balls at you or me for that matter but here’s the best bit, it doesn’t matter because you are you and you are lovely just as you, right now at this very moment. Not in the past or in the future just being.

    Love ya sis, keep fighting for the real you.


    1. Hey big bro! Aw thank you for your lovely words. You are the best, you inspire me daily with your attitude to life and those words have made my day. Love you lots and always thinking of you over there in the sunshine. Big love from me xxx

  3. I’ve just read your story on Free Range Humans. Wow. I can’t tell you how much you’ve inspired me. You are following your dreams and are truly living the life you were meant to live. I love that! Thank you for sharing your story, warts and all – you have just doubled my determination to live the life I am meant to live, whatever it takes!

    1. Hi Katherine…good name by the way! Mine is spelt Kathryn 😉 That is amazing I have inspired you! Wow! I am so happy for you and that’s super cool it has doubled your determination to live your life for you. I look forward to reading all about your journey on your blog 😀 x

  4. Hi there, just read Marianne’s Friday letter which led me here. Your story made me cry but I’m so pleased you are doing this and you write really well about it all. What happened to your dogs though?

    1. Hi Rebecca 🙂 Thank you for reading my blog and for your kind words. I am so glad you liked my story. Aw my dogs….possibly the most painful part, which is why I often gloss over it. My dogs have always been my absolute loves in life, I adored them. Sadly I just couldn’t manage them alone; they are big boisterous woofs and I’d always had them as a couple. It broke my heart but with only me (I worked full time, whereas before they had company at home with my partner) they were so bored and not getting the fun and attention they deserved. They went from being in a family of fun and adventures to just me trying to cope alone. I also couldn’t afford anywhere to live with them. So I decided (was there any real choice?) they deserved more and they now live with a friend and her family. It was heartbreaking to let them go and It was after that I decided I had to make my free range dreams happen in honour of them. I miss them every single day, they were my life, but I know they are incredibly happy. They are living this wonderful life now as real family dogs with children to adore and a huge garden to play in 😊 All I wanted was the best for them and yes it broke me, but they got their happy ending. They are called Hester & Paddington….or more affectionately referred to by all my family and friends as The Bears. Have a wonderful day and thank you for asking. It is nice to share them and keep my Bears well and truly alive in my heart.

      1. I am so pleased to hear they are happy with their new family and it must be great for you to know that and also for you to still have a link to them in your lives. I love their names! And it certainly sounds like you are honouring them in style so that is brilliant! I’ll keep following your blog – it is very inspirational. I have my own FR story but it doesn’t involve travelling the world. But I did give up a big corporate job to follow my dream and teach the piano which I now do from the home that I love, (complete with 2 cats!) I look forward to reading more from you!

  5. Wow!!! Just found you via the Free Range tribe. The story was so inspiring I read it twice and printed it off. So many people try to portray their success as overnight and it was so refreshing to read your authenticity and honesty. You are such an inspiration!

    1. Wow thank you so much Vanessa! I am thrilled to think you found my story inspiring and honoured you printed it off. I have a board of inspiring stories, poems and treasures I found on the beach….I look forward to adding your story as a Free Ranger 🙂 Have a wonderful day x

  6. Hi Kat!
    I was very touched by your story Marianne sent me and found it very inspiring at the same time. I was close to tears reading about your Mum… But she would be so proud of you now I am sure. What you’ve done, the way you’ve turned your life around is amazing. You are a beautiful, strong and inspirational person. Just wanted to tell you that.

    1. Thank you so much Anna, that means a great deal to me 🙂 I am so glad you found my story inspiring. Have a lovely weekend x

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